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Character Profile - Nephina by Saint-Unborn Character Profile - Nephina by Saint-Unborn

I've decided to get things started by introducing my flagship character Nephina Annabel Tsung.
Nephina Tsung

The following is in no way a bio (since critical points in her story have yet to be revealed), but will give those curious about her enough detail for an accurate portrayal.

Cannon Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Neo-Shy (An evolved Shyguy)
Birthday: January 23
Sign: Aquarius
Bloodtype: O+

Nephina speaks in a proper, refined manor befitting of a debutant. Though most of the time her speech is filled with proper words with a mix of slang. Usually the more slang she uses, the angrier she is, or will not bother to speak properly during times of crisis (because sometimes there isn’t enough time to speak properly in order to warn someone of something).

- Strong willed
- Smart
- Humble
- Lucky
- Independent
- Shady
- Spiteful
- Caring

Core personality:
By default, Nephina has a warm, calm, friendly demeanor which has a habit of bringing people around her. She is a nomad by choice, seeking out far out places to broader her horizon, and even new challenges to see where she really stands. She is always right to the point and if she’s harsh with a person in most cases it’s because she’s concerned about something involving them.

Though she may travel alone, she will not object to having a group of people (who she approves of) following her from place-to-place as long as they pull their weight and contribute to the group in someway. Anyone afraid to, or unwilling to get there hands dirty is not welcomed for the long haul. She has a way of leading without actually leading, preferring to call the shots, but not beyond advice or suggestions.

In reality, she is a nurturing person who has a hippy way about her that at times can seem shady, and depending on the person (if they have the drive and mental state) may even teach them a spell or two.

Battle conduct:
Unless it is a practice round, or to try to prove to a person that they are better then they think in ability, she will never start combat.

Nephina fights by throwing stuff, various punches and kicks, bizarre tactics, taunts and spells. She is not above fighting dirty, or asking for help if needed (though she can be VERY stubborn and depending on the seriousness of the fight may need to get smacked around before she admits she’s in over her head).

Generally, Nephina will start with defensive spells, and spells that negate, or reflect attacks. She even has a spell that sends attacks back at the opponent at twice the speed and power. She has access to healing magic, but it is slow acting due to her focus being in battle magic. Her preferred method is to play mind games with her opponent in hopes of first gaining a psychological advantage.

She is highly disciplined in Mana control which allows her to use skills like Silent Casting (doesn’t need to speak to cast a spell, or can chant one spell but in reality be another entirely. In addition she doesn’t need to move any part of her body to use a spell…Yes it counts body language) Quick casting, (her spells can be at full power very quickly, but only applies to any projectile and touch based spells.) and Chain casting (offensive projectile spells can be cast in rapid succession). She can even focus Mana in order to increase her Physical strength.

Her advanced Mana control allows her to absorb excess mana insuring that she’ll be able to pull off an array of spells, provided she isn’t too tired to use them.

Despite how awful a person’s action is, or how evil they may be, she cannot bring herself to kill an opponent. She’ll break bones, sever limbs, seal away power, beat within an inch of the foes life, and even banish them as alternatives if extreme measures must be taken.

- Treat others respectfully unless they are disrespectful towards you first.
- Everyone is entitled to a second chance.
- Never take things at face value.
- Just because I’m loaded doesn’t mean I must show it.
- I do not have to prove anything to anyone but myself.
- The journey is more important then the end or the start.
- If you must fight or work do them smarter, not harder.
- Give when you can.
- Just as I am better then some there are those better then I.
- It’s okay to be afraid, but NEVER to let that fear stop you.

Hits & Misses:

- Candy
- Exploration
- Hard work
- Strong willed people
- Wine
- Books
- Humility
- Late nights
- Simple clothing
- Magical arts
- Princess Daisy
- Being direct
- Decisive people
- A willingness to learn
- Sharing
- Gambling

- Willful ignorance
- Idiots
- Vanity
- Weak willed people (females especially)
- Unjustified Violence
- Wanton Destruction
- Smoking
- Egos
- Greed
- Early mornings
- Fancy get-togethers
- Formal clothing worn any longer then necessary
- People professing themselves as either “The Greatest”, “Ultimate”, “Elite”, “Superior”, or a “Moral Champion”
- Princess Peach
- Anything mushy
- Indecisive People
- Selfishness
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